My Windows software


Water simulation "KWater"

KWater2.jpg (7474 バイト) OS:Windows95/98 + DirectX6 or later

Version: 0.02

Last update: 21/09/1999

Licence : free software

Download: KWater002.lzh

Desc: This program is simulated water. KWater is used Sphere environment mapping and Plane environment mapping for reflection and reflaction.

Usage : Press SPACE KEY to press water.

COB to X "Urban Reflection Converter"

URConvImage OS:Windows95/98/NT4.0

Licence : shareware ( $50 )

Desc: Converter form TrueSpace object file (*.COB) to Direct3D X Files.

Download from Urban Reflection Converter Page.

  3DGraphic Library "ProjectDP"

DpFace.gif (22028 バイト) OS:Windows 95/98/NT4.0 + DirectX2 or later


Last update:11/05/1998

Licence : free software


Desc: This library is software renderer. ProjectDP have functions, Texture mapping, alpha blending.

  3DGraphic Library "Method"

MethodImage OS:Windows 95/98/NT


Last update:01/05/1996

Licence : free software

Download:meth210.lzh (391kbyte)

Desc: This is sofware renderer. Method have funtions, Gauraud shading, Specular highlight.

Fire effect "KFire"

KFireImage OS:Windows95/98/NT4.0 + DirectX1 or later


Last update:12/06/1996

Licence : free software


Desc : This demo is DirectX1's test program.

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