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Urban Reflection Converter ver.1.06

Copyright Urban Reflection 1996-



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Urban Reflection Converter(URConv) is converter from tureSpace data file(.COB) to Direct3D data file(.X).
This software is shareware $50US.Trial term is 1 week.

Required environment

Support OS is Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0(Intel binary). URConv need DirectX3 later runtime library and VisualC++5.0 runtime library(msvcrt.dll and mfc42.dll).


Kamiyan KFA04255@nifty.ne.jp

Location of newest version

Liability Disclaimer

The URConv does not have any kind of warranty. Any copyright holders are not liable to pay for any damages.


  1. Download URConv??.lzh
  2. Expand URConv??.lzh to some folder by lzh expander(ex.WinZip).


  1. Throw expanded files to Recycled.
  2. Delete registory key \HKEY_CURRENT_USER \Software \UrbanReflection \URConv by RegEdit.exe


  1. Run URConv.exe
  2. Drag COB files from explore and drop to URConv window.
  3. Click "Convert!" button.




This software is shareware. Please pay 5000yen or 50 U.S. dollars per one license by one of the following methods.
Defining the number of the license is smaller number of person who are using this software or machines which are running this software.

When you pay, please send an e-mail has following contents.
Subject: `URConv registration.'

Name of the software:`URConv'
Amount of payment:
Method of payment:
Date of payment:
Name of payer:(usually your name.)
Your name:
Your e-mail address:(if you have.)
Please send to
I send back password to your e-mail address.
Click "Register" button on URConv and input password.


ver.0.01 1996/12/24(Merry X'mas!)
Initial version.
ver.1.00 1997/01/21
ADD:Binary X option
ADD:Add Templates option
ADD:Scale and rotation infomation option
ADD:Position infomation option
ADD:[Edit][Delate All] menu command
ver.1.01 1997/02/25
ADD:Output PPM texture
FIX:Hangup at binaryX mode.
ver.1.02 1997/07/31
FIX:URConv can't convert trueSpace3 COB.
FIX:Output PPM texture to other folder.
FIX:Memory leak.
ver.1.03 1997/08/12
FIX:Hangup on Windows95
ver.1.04 1997/09/04
FIX:Hangup on Windows95(US)
ver.1.05 1998/03/25
FIX:URConv can't trueSpace3's Mat1 chunk
ver.1.06 1998/05/20
ADD:Command line parameter and auto convert.